21 August, 2001

Time for holidays

Meunier-vines at Loisy-en-Brie, August 2006.

Winegrowers are always on holidays in August, bacause there is not a lot to do in the vineyards around this time. We are no exception. Tomorrow we will drive to the sea, the big ocean, the main lack of Champagne.

Even it has rained just about all August. The next week is supposed to be similar according to the météo. The only thing to experience here seem to be more floodings, erosion and soakingly wet and grey days.

Bad news travel fast
Alain has not been in the vines since August 15th, but we will always get potentially bad news - should there be such - from friends and/or family that grow the vines next to ours.

If the sun for instance should be back to peep out some seconds, disease may develop very fast - water and heat is excactly what it takes - and it could be necessary to spray chemicals.

Grapeharvest coming up
The next thing on the winegrower's agenda will be the vendange. We have not really heard any rumours but expect to begin around September 11th.

The professional part of the website of the CIVC still contains no information on the vendange coming up. If the unusually cold and wet month of August has delayed the maturation so much that the general start dates will be later than the first expectations, we will know more about, when the holiday is over.

På dansk

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