10 July, 2001

Green cleaning

The stem that shoots on the side (to the right) takes off only after the apex has been cut off.

Alain has spend part of Sunday in Loisy-en-Brie to smarten up the vineyard. It is the feet, that has to be cleaned for unnecessary stems in order to prevent too inviting conditions for fungus.

On top of that the entre-coeurs have really begun to set off after the summer pruning - the rognage - is on. As they typically produce very little or no fruits, it is more suitable to remove them completely rather than keeping them. This enables the vine to concentrate its forces on important matters.

The grapes so far look fine and big.

The entre-coeurs grow in the corners at the leaves, but only after the tractor has cut the apex in the far end of the one-year-old and fertile stems during the rognage.

In this time of the summer that vines are all set to just grow, grow, grow. And when the main stem is not allowed so, the vine shall certainly demonstrate its objective and just grow, grow, grow from other angles.

The work is done, while you bend and armed with the big scissors slowly walk your way up and down the rows cutting stems sometimes on one sometimes on the other side. The back asks for a break after three hours. Just enough to finish half.

Chardonnay-grapes in Loisy-en-Brie July 9th 2006.

So far we have had no problems with the storms of last week. None of the evil hailstorms, that has really ravaged som vines, have found their way to our plot. Pray, it will remain so.

På dansk

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